Created Micro strategy and added Noxopharm (NOX.AX)


  • Drug (NOX66) that sensitizes cancer cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy
    • Makes chemotherapy >2000x stronger
    • Makes radiotherapy 10x stronger
    • No affect on healthy cells
  • Originally developed in 2009 but had a half-life of 40min
  • CEO, after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer, developed Liprose delivery mechanism to increase half-life to 12 hours and allow the drug to cross the blood brain barrier
  • Successfully cured one metastatic cancer patient to date (the CEO)


Key takeaway is that the founders expect to know whether the product will be a success by the end of 2017 (Phase 1).


  • CEO dies (he’s over 60)
  • Unable to raise the necessary funds for clinical trials

nox timeline.PNG

nox ip.PNG

nox takeaway.PNG

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