Crypto Strategy Update (including Tierion ICO)


Tierion who is looking to raise $25m in their ICO, has received $8.2mm of Ether deposits at the pre-sale address they gave us.

tierion pre-sale

So far there has been no notice that pre-sales have been restricted or closed off, despite the public ICO scheduled to go live in a few hours. There can’t be much alpha if any in the pre-sale if its still so easy to participate.

Again we’ll participate in the public offering only if it looks to be selling out in the first 30min. Otherwise any potential reward probably doesn’t justify the 100% potential downside.


ICOs seem to be the biggest focus of the crypto market at the moment. We don’t have any hard evidence to support this but if the whole world is trying to make money on ICOs, then there’s probably fewer people buying and holding the highest quality coins. Or there’s likely to be fewer people simply trend following undercapitalised coins. For this reason we see lower risk running momentum strategies on a pre-selected batch of coins than trying to pick the next hot ICO. Stay tuned for our new strategy details.

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